A biker nerd New Years

Not everything about New Years was terribly irritating. 🙂

Peter and I went over to Tony and Stephanie’s last night, where we were joined by Ceej and David. Tony got one of those Yamaha Motorsport controllers for his X-box, so we all sat around and played MotoGP 2 for a while. We all did pretty damn badly; there was about a half-second lag between moving the controller and the action on the screen. It’s a native PS2 controller — Tony has drivers for the X-box — so Peter and I are going to borrow it sometime in the future and give it a whirl on our PS2.

Peter took a pretty funny video of Steph, Ceej, and I playing MotoGP 2. Do save it to your desktop, though, as it’s 16MB.

After a fair amount of humiliation, the womenfolk retired into Steph and Tony’s “home theater room” to watch Sense and Sensibility. One by one, our men stuck their heads in, watched approximately 4.5 seconds of Jane Austen, and went back to MotoGP 2. Now we just need some way to combine motorcycling with Alan Rickman. Yum.

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