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Normally, I get through TWO rides before I break it…

Peter and I went to City Pub for lunch today, proven by this charming photograph: The ride there was good; my biggest issue was forgetting to adjust the friction zone before leaving, so the first few starts from a dead … Continue reading

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Wrenching on the Ninja

Yesterday, my buddy Andrew came over to help me work on the Ninja.  By “help me”, of course, I mean “do all the actual work” since I still can’t really pick anything up that’s heavier than a torque wrench. Andrew, … Continue reading

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Beak extender for the Beemer

Well, if it's just going to sit there, I may as well make it pretty. Write-up for installing an F800GS beak extender Super easy, and I think it looks nice. 🙂

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Off to the doctor

The Beemer went off to Ted Porter's Beemer Shop this morning.   I hate seeing the bike in the truck.  Boo.  But, with work and hockey the way they are lately — not to mention three other motorcycles that need some sort … Continue reading

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My motorcycle looks like Carlsbad Caverns.

W. T. F. The Beemer's been running fine for once, which always makes me nervous. And for good reason! So today, the temperature light went on. "That's odd," thought I, since it was 40F out at the time. I rode … Continue reading

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