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Why I changed those front forks out…

Here's Rashmi's story, in SuperBike magazine.   Click here for an enlarged version. This, boys and girls, is why I swapped out my forks.   BMW claims that they've never heard of this before, but came up with at least … Continue reading

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New forks for the Beemer

Here's the write-up for replacing forks on a F650GS. Why'd I do it?  From the write-up: "As of this writing (November 2008), there have been multiple reports of catastrophic fork failures on the 2001-2002 model F650GS. BMW refuses to officially … Continue reading

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B4TheSnowFlies ride report

It still counts towards my "blog every day" goal, since I wrote the ride report in November. 😉 Clicky clicky for the B4TheSnowFlies ride report 

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F650GS: Replacing the headlight bulb

In its eternal quest to make me replace every one of its parts, the Beemer killed its low beam the other night. Thus, you get a write-up.  

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Puck Ewes vs Red Menace: 1-1

We had a great, if short-handed, game against Christine's team "Red Menace" tonight.  It was 1-1 going into OT, but no one scored then either, so we ended the game a tie. I played center with Chris W and Sheila, … Continue reading

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