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Testing posting from my iphone

As hope springs eternal that I will eventually want to blog from the road again, I’m testing the iOS WordPress client.

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Question for the three of you

Any reason for me not to post camping reviews to this journal, even if they're not taken on the motorcycle?  I figure that since 99% of my camping is moto-camping, I can get away with sneaking in the few car camping … Continue reading

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Is this thing on?

Tap tap tap. Is this on? Can you there in the back hear me? Typepad’s been having issues, so I’m just making sure it’s working again before typing up a “real” post. 😉

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States and Provinces album

I just tweaked the States and Provinces photo album (points to the righthand sidebar for more photo albums). The pics are now arranged alphabetically by state. 22 states and provinces; not too shabby! (it should be 23; I don’t have … Continue reading

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The server that’s been hosting,, is being shut down this weekend after 16 years of service to the community. Many, many, many thank yous to Ceej, David, Andy, and all the rest of the folks who kept our … Continue reading

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