E2E Ride: Felton and Santa Cruz Mountains

My buddies over at The Pace Podcast are doing a photo rally/scavenger hunt thing this year and, since I’m unnaturally addicted to those, of course I joined right up.  It’s called the Equinox to Equinox Rally since it runs from March 20 until September 22.

One of the items on the list is a covered bridge, so I hopped on the newly-not-a-death-trap Ninjette and rode 50 miles south to Felton to the tallest covered bridge in the United States.

(Note crappy photo quality; I’m using my cell phone camera for the rally pics as I am WAY too lazy to take “real” photos, download/process them, and email them into the contest back at home.)


While down in Felton, I also snagged a fire house, post office, “Welcome to…” sign, historical marker, and a static train car.   On the rest of my ride, I grabbed a couple more fire houses and another “Welcome” sign.

Because these are not the most exciting photos you’ll ever see, I’ll just point y’alls at a link.

Here are all the galleries of rally participants:  http://thepacepodcast.com/archives/2429

My gallery is obviously “Bluepoof”, but since the rally riders are all over the country, it’s cool to see everyones’ photos and their different scenery and parks and markers and etc.  So go check out the other peeps, too.

The rest of my ride was fun, too; I puttered around the Southern Santa Cruz Mountains, which is a particular favorite of mine.  As always, I’m digging the whole “riding on Tuesdays” thing — I can actually ride in the hills and not be crowded by sportsbikes and sportscars and people who want to go faster than me (disclaimer: everyone).

Not a lot else to say about the ride, and Kira just woke up from her nap, so here are this week’s “So, hey, how was YOUR Tuesday?” photos:


This was totally accidental, but I like it:



Ride stats:





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