Highway 1 ride

Oh hi!  So I have this blog, right, and sometimes I update it.  Usually not though, apparently.

Actually, my excuse is that I’ve had to do responsible adult things over the past few Tuesdays.  Boorrring.  But this week I managed to Do All The Things on Monday so that I would have a few hours to ride yesterday.  Huzzah!

I really needed a “clear the head” ride (as opposed to a “see interesting things” or “visit interesting places” or “take interesting pictures” ride), so my agenda was simply to ride to the coast, head south on Highway 1 for an hour, eat lunch, then head back north in time  for a haircut appointment at 2:30pm.

Fog over the Santa Cruz mountains

Can anyone fill me in on what the Lemos Farm horse theme is supposed to be?  I was expecting something Chrismahanukwanzakah-related, but this is eluding me.  Any ideas?

Seriously, I have no idea what this theme is.

From Half Moon Bay, I just headed south.  There was very little traffic (not surprising, given that it was a grey Tuesday in December) and I’m sure I rode the safe and legal freeway speed.

Heading south on Highway 1


It was a nice ride, though utterly devoid of anything that would make for an interesting ride report.  I didn’t stop for any photos and I didn’t have any philosophical epiphanies; I just, y’know, rode straight down Highway 1 for an hour.

At the end of my hour, I wound up in the outskirts of Santa Cruz.  I decided not to eat in town, but instead to head back north and have lunch in Davenport.

The Whale City Bakery in Davenport continues to have good coffee and good food.  I had crab cakes and french fries and watched the surf.  There were quite a few motorcyclists at the restaurant; most seemed to be locals.

Whale City Bakery

After lunch, I continued north.  I stopped for a brief time at Pomponio State Beach, which is a nice little beach about 12 miles south of Half Moon Bay.  It’s never as crowded as Pescadero Beach or San Gregorio Beach; in fact, there was only one other person there yesterday.

Pomponio State Beach

The Ninjette at Pomponio State Beach

The Ninjette at Pomponio State Beach

And that was pretty much that.  I rode to my haircut and then home, woohoo.

Ride stats

Unless I can talk Peter into hanging out with Kira while I ride after Christmas, that’s probably my last ride of 2012.  If my calculations are correct, I put on just over 1200 miles in 2012.  Considering I started riding again in June, that’s about 200 miles a month.  That’s…not spectacular for someone who loves long-distance riding, but I’ll play the “eight month old baby” card and hopefully get cut some slack. 😉

I hope everyone out there in Internet-land has a nice holiday.  Wish us luck on six legs of plane flights with the baby (or, perhaps more accurately, wish our fellow passengers luck) and I’ll keep you posted as to whether the Ninjette gets any good Christmas swag this year.  🙂





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