It was brought to my attention today that I am the biggest slacker in the town of Slackersville because I haven’t updated this blog in a month.   Bah, I know, I know, tell me about it.  So it turns out that this “having a child” thing really cuts into one’s riding time.  Who’d have seen that coming?

I actually did ride once in the last month, to Half Moon Bay for lunch, and promptly forgot to write about it.  It’s not very interesting; I, uh, rode to Half Moon Bay for lunch.  That’s pretty much it.

I do have this coming Tuesday afternoon free, so FSM-willing, I may get a ride in.  Naturally it’s supposed to rain…though’s hourly forecast is taunting me with a “mostly cloudy” graphic from 1pm-4pm smooshed in between the “showers” graphics.   I dunno.  Maybe I’ll duck up to SF and grab the current photo tag and dodge the raindrops.


That was all a long intro just to post this photo of the Ninjette and our mechanic-in-training. You can tell she’s a natural; the tools are just scattered everywhere and she’s eating the “screwdriver.”

I am disproportionately pleased that she loves her “Tool Time” toy, though.  We got it at the local Art and Wine Festival a couple of weeks ago (i.e “drink wine and wander a street fair full of arts and crafts”).  She loves to open up the toolbox and shake all of the tools out all over the ground until the one she wants is totally out of reach…just like how mom wrenches on the bike!

Speaking of wrenching on the bike, the Ninjette needs a new chain and sprocket.  Is Kira too young to put into servitude?  “Child, remove that rear wheel; mom wants to sit inside with a beer.”

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