I’m a Red Hot Chili Pucker!

After camping last weekend, the Red Hot Chili Puckers were kind enough to let me sub into their game so that I could do a mid-season evaluation for NCWHL.  I must have done OK because they agreed that I could join their team for the remainder of the season.  🙂

I’m super excited because I know a lot of people on the team, including April and Andrea. It was great luck that their team was next in line to get an extra player!

April wasn’t feeling well on Sunday, so she didn’t play.  The upside was that meant she took some photos.  🙂


I should figure out why my right shoulder always looks too high.

I had a great time playing in the game and I think I did pretty well.  But, hey, apparently not playing for three years gets you a little out of shape.  Who’d have guessed?  I did OK in the game and then the next day felt like I was run over by a truck.  It is now four days after the game and I feel like I played an entire tournament.  My hair hurts.  My earlobes hurt.  I hurt in muscles I didn’t even know I had, like in the palms of my hands.  Seriously, my PALMS HURT.  What is that nonsense?

I did Stroller Strides today (hey, shut up) to loosen up some of the muscles and naturally it was hill climb day.  Bah!  Sorry, glutes.  🙁  Hopefully I will stop eating ibuprofen like candy by Sunday and can play my next game without looking/feeling like I’m 400 years old.


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