Crystal Springs Reservoir

Woo, I finally got a little Ninjette ride in today!  I didn’t have much time because I had to get back home to work (that’s clearly what I’m doing now, right?) but it was too nice a day not to ride a little bit.  Autumn is my favorite motorcycling time of the year — not too cold yet, the air is crisp, the sky is blue, and colors just seem more vivid.  *happysigh*

Anyway, not much exposition here; I just rode to Crystal Springs Reservoir and took a bunch of photos.   So, without further ado…the good stuff.  Pictures!

I like fooling around with the camera’s built in filters/settings.  Of course they wind up looking fake and over-processed, but hey, it’s fun.

Here’s what my bike would have looked like in an 1880 newspaper.

A day without MidgetStig is a day without sunshine.

Nice lens flare and star, huh?  I wish I could say that I positioned the camera and set the self timer that way intentionally.  Shh, I won’t tell if you don’t.

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