Ride to work!

OK, yes, sadly, I’m excited about that.

After the success of my motocamping trip last weekend, I asked New Back Doc how I could continue to ramp up my riding in a sane and reasonable way.

His first suggestion was to try riding to work on a weekend.  If it didn’t go well, I could turn around halfway there and head home.  If it did go well, I could try riding to work for real once a week and see how the combination of riding 22 miles + working all day + riding 22 miles goes.

Well, I just got home but, so far, it seems like it went well!

That’s my home away from home, the Valley Green 6 building of the Apple campus.  A coworker was hanging out, smoking a cigarette, so he got one of me:

Since no one would really recognize VG6, I also made the requisite stop across the street and got a picture with the mothership at 1 Infinite Loop:

I took Highway 280 there (my usual commute route) and Highway 101 back so that I could stop for gas and cat food on the way home.  All told, 46 miles round-trip and I seem to be in good shape.  I have a muscle cramp on the left side, and a small bit of SI soreness, but that’s to be expected, really.

I’m also somewhat warm. Oh hi, summer.

Icing my back has helped with both the soreness and the 100+ degree day, so things are looking good.  Hopefully when I see New Back Doc tomorrow, things will continue to be A-OK and I’ll get the green light to commute once a week….though maybe not if it stays this hot out. 😉


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