Birthday ride!

Yesterday was my 34th birthday, which seems next to impossible. I still think it’s 1995 half of the time.

To celebrate another mostly-successful trip around the sun, Peter and I took our first ride together since going to The Little Store in November.  It will probably come as no shock to anyone that we headed to the coast; I wanted to take him to Fitzgerald Marine Reserve since I’d loved it so much the last time.

Can I just say that the helmet I have on in that photo is a Youth size small?  I’m such a hobbit.

The ride over to Half Moon Bay was absolutely beautiful.  You just can’t beat this weather.

It’s easy to see why I love riding on Highway 92 over to the coast so much — isn’t it gorgeous? In spring, everything here is so green.

Naturally we had lunch at Cameron’s, where I had my free birthday beer.  Normally on your birthday they give you a “half yard” of beer for free, which I think is about 24 oz, but that would be bigger than my kidneys put together.  So Peter and I just shared a normal sized version.  Still free though!

We watched Game 1 of the Flyers/Bruins game, and cheered for Brian Boucher since he used to be a goalie for the Sharks…well, we cheered for him until the Bruins went up 5-2 and the Flyers pulled him.  🙁  Sorry, Boosh!

There was also coverage of some wedding on; did someone famous get married recently?  Huh, I hadn’t heard.  Seriously, though, it was neat to watch a little bit of the royal wedding in a British pub.

We rode over to Fitzgerald after lunch and wandered about for around an hour.  Low tide was at 3:34pm — it was still a little higher than the low tide when I was here in March (1’7″ versus 7″ in March) but we still were able to see anemones, urchins, hermit crabs, and even a nice starfish.

Here’s Peter photographing some anemones:

They look pretty much like:

Sometimes we’d luck out and there would be a big clump of them, like so:

Here’s the starfish:

It was a little harder to walk around the tidal flats this time because the water was a bit higher, but fortunately I was wearing my Daytona Ladystars, which let me just wade through the water without incident.  The bottoms of my jeans got a little wet, but the boots remain 100% waterproof. Love them.  Love love love.

The tide started rising quickly again, so we hightailed it back to the beach.

We entertained the idea of riding up to Pacifica and back, but my back was getting a little sore and we decided not to push it and instead just head home.

Proof that a Ninja 250 can keep up with a V-Strom 1000 on the interstate (at least when the V-Strom isn’t really trying 🙂 )!

The ride wound up being almost exactly 50 miles.  All in all, a very fun day!

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