I can haz new Ninja!

After riding Glen and Julie’s Ninja 250 around a bit, I felt comfortable that the Ninja was going to work for my back.   Plus, I really love small bikes.  Intellectually, I understand that other people enjoy riding big displacement motorcycles and really get a rush out of speed and precision control but, after 11 years and well over 100k miles of riding, I can admit it…I like the small bikes.  I like wringing horsepower out of the small motors and I like the freedom and agility that lightweight bikes give me to stop on a dime and flip a U-turn to get photos.


When I first posted on Sport-Touring.net about needing to sell the Beemer, my friend Mike from Southern California mentioned that he’d be selling his Ninja 250 soon and that it was mine if I wanted it.  At that point, I hadn’t yet borrowed Glen and Julie’s, so I didn’t know whether I would be able to ride it.

After riding the red Ninja, though, I knew I wanted one.

Mike and his wife Christina drove up from SoCal today to deliver it (I still feel guilty about this).  It’s a 2007 (15,276 miles), with Race Tech forks, a mid-90s Ninja 600 air shock, Yoshimura pipes (NOM NOM NOM), custom windscreen, blah blah blah.

More pics tomorrow when I make Peter ride to lunch with me. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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9 Responses to I can haz new Ninja!

  1. Yvette says:

    Love it! Maybe I wouldn’t be afraid of this one. 🙂

  2. Big Eel says:

    Great!! Good to read that you can ride your bike again. And Ninja… such a amazing gear, I thing…
    Goodl luck!


  3. Chris D says:

    I’m considering one of the shiny new ones for when I get back. They look pretty scrumptious.

  4. toddrod says:

    Hey, I just happened to be flippin thru the ST.N ads and saw you picked this up. Sorry to see your back is still giving you fits, but hopefully the new lil ninja will help get you back on two wheels more often. Are you gonna give the bike a name, Carolyn?


  5. Can I ask seat height? And do you feel like it’s big enough to highway commute at 75 to 80 mph? You mention it’s a ‘small’ bike, and as a short girl, I’m always curious as to what possibilities are out there for me (I’m on a Burgman 400 now… totally un-bike like)

    • carolyn says:

      The pre-2009 Ninja 250s have a factory seat height of 29.3″. My inseam is about 28″ so I don’t quite flatfoot it, even with my Daytona Ladystar boots on, but it’s the closest that I’ve come on any bike I’ve ever owned.

      It’s very lightweight, too (304 lbs dry, sez the internet) so it’s easy to lean over just enough to get one foot flat, even with my bad back.

      I haven’t taken the Ninja on the interstate yet, but I see them all the time on my commute. There’s a guy with a Ninja 250 who gets on the freeway at the same place as me in the morning and he stays on past my exit (~25 miles down the interstate) and he has no trouble keeping up with traffic. He probably wonders why the weird girl in the Forester stares at him and his bike all the time. 😀

  6. Dave says:

    Your observations about the Ninja seem to dovetail nicely with what my son believes. When we go out looking I always make him sit on a variety of bikes, yet he always returns to the Ninja. This is interesting in that he is 16 and and when it comes to four wheelers-the bigger (my F250) or the badder (any Mustang, Camaro, etc.) moves his lust needle but that Kawasaki is the one I am supposed to buy him!

  7. Red says:

    But you already have an XT! Does that not work well for your back?

    I do like the Ninjettes though. 🙂

    • carolyn says:

      My posture on the XT is really upright and it makes my lordosis (swayback) worse. Since I’m leaning slightly forward on the Ninja, it takes that pressure off of my low spine.

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