I can haz new Ninja!

After riding Glen and Julie’s Ninja 250 around a bit, I felt comfortable that the Ninja was going to work for my back.   Plus, I really love small bikes.  Intellectually, I understand that other people enjoy riding big displacement motorcycles and really get a rush out of speed and precision control but, after 11 years and well over 100k miles of riding, I can admit it…I like the small bikes.  I like wringing horsepower out of the small motors and I like the freedom and agility that lightweight bikes give me to stop on a dime and flip a U-turn to get photos.


When I first posted on Sport-Touring.net about needing to sell the Beemer, my friend Mike from Southern California mentioned that he’d be selling his Ninja 250 soon and that it was mine if I wanted it.  At that point, I hadn’t yet borrowed Glen and Julie’s, so I didn’t know whether I would be able to ride it.

After riding the red Ninja, though, I knew I wanted one.

Mike and his wife Christina drove up from SoCal today to deliver it (I still feel guilty about this).  It’s a 2007 (15,276 miles), with Race Tech forks, a mid-90s Ninja 600 air shock, Yoshimura pipes (NOM NOM NOM), custom windscreen, blah blah blah.

More pics tomorrow when I make Peter ride to lunch with me. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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