Yeah, still not riding.

This is my excuse:


Remember that back injury I talked about in September?  Turns out it's a ruptured disc.  Well, I feel better about being a whiny little brat about it now.

I went in to see the doc today and he put the above picture up on the screen, turned to me, and said, "well, I bet you can find the problem!"  Heh, yep.  He also said that the bright white parts that are right up against the vertebrae (inside the blue circle) are actually supposed to be inside the disc.  Eeeewww.  I told him I had a shock absorber leak, which got a chuckle out of him.

The good news is that I shouldn't need surgery and the doc says most ruptured discs go away on their own within 6 months.  

I can resume normal activity as pain permits — unfortunately, pain isn't permitting riding yet (hockey is of course also right out) but I was glad to hear that the injury is "stable", meaning that if I do try to ride a little or go to a public skate, worst case is that it hurts.  I'm not going to make it worse, per se.

So…yeah.  I refused the epidural steroid injection the doc wanted me to get (since my last one didn't go so well) but I did agree to the 5-day stint on methylprednisolone.  I see the doc again in a month and we'll go from there.  With any luck it'll be healing and I'll either be back in physical therapy or otherwise well on my way to recovery. 

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9 Responses to Yeah, still not riding.

  1. toddrod says:

    that just looks gross… but glad your back will be getting better… you have the most bad luck with your body parts… you must be a BMW 😛

  2. Chris M says:

    hey I have one of those too (last one on the bottom, L7 I think), courtesy of a left turning granny. Told that riding was out of the question, long term. Nine months later I toured 9 countries on 2 wheels (Actually got the invitation for the trip in the hospital with pelvic fractures from granny, so I naturally said yes). Have had a couple of “unintended dismounts” since then too, without further injury. Occasional lower back pain is the only leftover. Needless to say, while meaning well, the Doc is not always right.
    Heal quick! you’ll be riding in no time.

  3. Craig says:

    I’ve struggled with back pain for years and finally was able to see my own x-ray which seemed to help understand what was going on. I was able to develop a exercise program that really helped by watching Denise Austin on TV every morning. I really had to work to get by her “fluff” but once that was done, she really was good for me, even with a male body. You would probably relate even better. The trick is to figure out how to enjoy an active live style your entire life. Keep us posted.

  4. Robert Hutt says:

    I wish you a speedy recovery girl. Jou can do it. Your friend, Bob SV650 K1, FJR1300A

  5. Roger Willcut says:

    Blue – I remember one of your packing lists: exercise mats, or deck of cards or something along that line. So there is no questioning it: you have the personal motivaton and dedication to “pay the piper” now and ride and skate for many years to come. You’ll be body checking in no time at all.

  6. Ms Poof,
    Sorry to hear that you are incapacitated.
    Not riding and not playing hockey has got to make you blue {pun intended}.
    But you will recover and be back to “normal” soon.
    Take care,
    Don Inamasu – still with the old F650GS

  7. zzo says:

    Ms. Blue: Wish I could offer magical solutions to the back problem, but time, exercise and a certain amount of stoicism seem best. I had lower back pain for a number of years which responded well to back exercises. I also recently discovered I have two old fractured vertebrae and now have sciatica (leg pain caused by a impingement on a nerve in the back). So, you have my empathy and best wishes. But, the good news is that my back bothers me not at all on my KLR or VStrom. The position on the bike actually improves my sciatica. So, when you are able, try to find a theraputic bike seating arrangement. Good luck.

  8. Sorry to hear that you are incapacitated…wish you speedy recovery!… good luck!

  9. Injuries to your back can really slow your life down. For best results work with the Physical Therapist and keep it up. I have have shoulder surgery 18 months ago and when I stopped doing the therapy, the shoulder did not heal as quick. No pain, no gain. Hope you are better for Christmas and New Year.
    Wyld Bill the Legal Help Guy

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