This is why you wear gear, kids!


Some of the aftermath of my buddy Frank's accident in Foster City, CA on 9/6/09.  

Frank went down when he was turning left in an intersection and a Harley rider ran the red light and came straight at him. The Harley rider then left the scene.  

Frank spent 5 days in the hospital with a broken scapula, broken collarbone, and seven broken ribs. And that's WITH full gear.

We just had our monthly STN dinner over at Frank's house with pizza and beer and nice company. He was in great spirits and showed off his lovely bruises (sorry, no pics 😉 ). The ZR-7S is in remarkably good shape; if it weren't for a scratch on the quarter fairing and some rash on the sidebags, you'd never know it had been in an accident.

Here's Frank and the aforementioned ZR-7S up on Hwy 299 in October 2005. I'm glad that both it and Frank are still (mostly) in one piece and will be riding again!


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