Missing rider near Missoula, MT

I hate making these posts, but I feel helpless enough sitting at home in front of my computer that I hope maybe just sharing the information might be useful.

Donald Masters left Orofino, ID on Monday, August 31, headed for West Yellowstone and then on to Denver. He has not been seen or heard from since. Last credit card usage was for gas in Lolo, MT. on 8/31. He was riding a black 2008 Goldwing, Colorado Plate #327-UTH.

If you are near Lolo Pass, or anywhere between Missoula and W. Yellowstone, please be on the lookout for Donald and his bike. He's 62 years old, weighs about 175 and is about 5'9" tall. His bike would have been loaded with a fair amount of gear as he was on a 2+ week trip. If you have seen him or have information about him or his bike, please call the Clearwater County (ID) Sheriff's Department at (208) 476-4521.

If you're in the area, please consider joining the st-owners.com search on Saturday September 12.  More information here: http://www.st-owners.com/forums/showthread.php?t=72221


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4 Responses to Missing rider near Missoula, MT

  1. Craig says:

    Feeling as helpless as you. We can watch and pray. Thanks for your Post. Craig

  2. Steve Miller says:

    Part of the appeal of solo touring for me is that I’m out there, on my own, with just the bike, a tent, and little else. I’m exposed and vulnerable. It’s exciting.
    Then I read something like this and I imagine what my wife would go through if I went missing.
    I really hope that Donald is found soon, and that by some miracle he has survived whatever ordeal he encountered.

  3. carolyn says:

    Don has been found, unfortunately not alive. RIP, Don, and thank you to the internet motorcycling community who really rallied to find Don and bring closure to his family.
    From ST-owners.com:
    “It is with a heavy heart that I bring you the news.
    Donald Masters has been found at a crash site on Rt 93 around mile marker 322.1 between North Fork, ID and Salmon, ID
    Donald and his bike were spotted by Elk hunters that were out tracking a buck. There was about 150′ of shoulder and then a steep drop off into a drainage irrigation ditch. The are was covered in thick brush. He was wearing his helmet.
    Out of respect to the family and loved ones we will be closing this thread and creating a Memorial Page to Donald where you can share some kinds words with everyone.
    My thoughts and Prayers are with the family.
    Rest in Peace Donald Masters.
    Larry Jensen
    on behalf of the Motorcycle Community”

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