Scorpions vs Desert Foxes: 2-3

Tonight was my first Thursday night game at Ice Oasis.    Apparently playing on two regular teams wasn't enough, so I added a third: the Scorpions!

Well, Scorpions might be the official name for the team, but a more accurate name might be Team No One Shows Up.  Last week, there was only one skater and the goalie (to be fair, Peter and I were two of the no-shows since we were in Wisconsin); this week we did slightly better with four skaters and the goalie.  We wound up with four subs, though, so it wasn't a total death slog.

We had the 7pm game and I haven't skated since the end of July, so I was a bit rusty.  In fact, I'm pretty sure my legs weren't actually connected to my brain for the first period.  I warmed up nicely by the third, just in time for the game to be over. 😉

I had one good breakaway which I totally whiffed; Rob (the goalie) intentionally gave me back the rebound, and I whiffed that too.  Doh!

There was lots good about the game, though; it was a fun speed — at least once I warmed up! — and definitely more physical than I'm used to.  I was a little like "woah! ack! yikes!" at first but was having fun with it by the end of the game.

I'm going to try to blog more about hockey this season; I was having trouble last season seeing improvements in my game, and I'm hoping that blogging more about the individual games will help me look back and see whether I'm doing better. 😉

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