Drunken Pirates update

Oh my goodness, I haven't talked about hockey in a month.  That there is just not acceptable.

The Drunken Pirates continue to impress and amaze with our mad skillz…or maybe just our enthusiastic suggestions that the other team be keelhauled or walk the plank, yarrrrr.

We're in second place in the division right now (just two points behind Nora and Wendy's team) and have a ton of scorers — 10 out of 13 skaters have at least one point.  I've already tied my point count from last season, which is totally meaningless but nevertheless gets me all worked up.  It drives Peter insane that I pay attention to my stats, but I'm a program manager! I can't help being OCD! 😉

Anyway, we're not quite halfway through the season and I'm glad to have the chance to skate with this team for another 3 months.  


Our next game is Sunday, against the Monkeys on Ice (Andrea and Cheddah's team). 🙂
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5 Responses to Drunken Pirates update

  1. Snarfdog says:

    This is an awesome team, and I’m having a ton of fun.

  2. Tom says:

    I used your 650gs fork seal pictorial today and wanted to say thanks.

  3. McJedi says:

    I seem to have the opposite of OCD; most of the time if you ask me the score of a game the next day, I’ll have no idea. I’m lucky if I remember who won. 🙂 As for scoring, I do remember that I scored in the first two games of my Thursday league…and I remember this most likely out of sheer astonishment.

  4. toddrod says:

    hey!! I’ve noticed you haven’t posted a blog in awhile, Carolyn! You must be super duper busy! I hope you and Peter are doing great!

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