More on embroidery

In my last entry, Gary told me that I should do a cross-stitch of my bikes, which reminded me that I never posted pics from my bike-related embroidery. 

Hooray, topic for an entry today!

This was Colleen's Christmas/birthday/housewarming present last year (shuddup, it took me a lot longer to finish than I'd expected):


Here are a couple of closeups:



I also did a satin-stitch Beemer on my Moto-Sport pannier bag liners prior to my cross-country trip this summer:



I need to go back on that one and fill in the tires (I ran out of time and black thread before my trip).  The satin stitch held up through the entire trip, though!

I'll probably try to find a good picture of me on the XT to cross-stitch next, so I can hang it up next to Peter's hockey one. 🙂

Fortunately I'm taking the XT riding this weekend, so there will be plenty of photographic opportunities!  Plus, relevant blog entries for you guys finally, whew.

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