G650GS sighting!

I was at Cal BMW yesterday to pick up parts.  I wanted to sit on the low seat F800GS (still too tall, rarrrr) and, while I was doing so, I noticed this little gem parked nearby.


Looks like a 2005-08 F650GS, right?  Definitely not the 2009 F650GS with its dual headlight, parallel twin engine, and cast wheels.

But no! This is the rumored 2009 G650GS!


Now this is more like it again.

Single cylinder? Check.

Spoke wheels? Check.

Single headlight? Check.

Ahhh.  Peace and sanity has been restored to BMW.  I hope they keep the G650GS around for a while and don't kill it immediately. 

I think the new F650GS (the twin engine one) is pretty neat but it's definitely a street bike.  It's a commuter.  Which is great and awesome, but I wouldn't buy my bike with cast wheels and the extra width that the twin engine brings.

I'm not going to run out and buy the G because it's essentially my bike, but I'm very psyched about the continuation of the species, as it were.

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