Labor Day Tournament: Game 4

The illustrious yellow A1 team won game 4 yesterday, 3-2 in an overtime shootout, thus cementing our place in history as the #3 team in the Labor Day Tournament.  Woot!

We had actually tied in the standings with the team that wound up being #2; they got to go to the championship game instead, though, because they'd scored one more goal than we had during the previous three games.  Doh!

All in all, the tournament was a really positive experience.  Despite having a nasty cold, I thought I played well and I definitely had fun.  Nora, Wendy, Chris, Trista, Peter, and I hung out in the restaurant after our game yesterday, looking through the photos that April took on Saturday, drinking beer, and just goofing around.  Good times.

Here are a bunch of photos (copyright April Tse; no stealie for you!) for the three of you that know the people on the team. 😉

I go zoom:


Peter puts the moves on Tierzo:


Wendy waits for the faceoff:


Trista lines up for a faceoff:


Peter and my size difference is a little obvious on the ice…


Nora charges for the puck:


Chris puts the hurt on against the boards:


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