Impending hockey seasons!

This week starts the new NCWHL season, hooray!

I'm a captain this year, along with with my fabulous co-captain, Jeannie.  We've played on many many many teams together and I'm psyched to lead a team to world domination with her.

This Saturday is the draft, when we try to steal our friends away from the evil clutches of Andrea and Steph, Nora and Wendy, and the other two captain pairs who I don't know yet. 😉

In addition to NCWHL, I've also signed up to play on the Monday night league at Ice Oasis.  It's a mixed-level, co-ed league where the teams are named after their corporate sponsors.  I got the rink to change our team to Team Danger for no charge; now I have to convince Microsoft to hook us up with nice orange jerseys. ;)  In the meantime, I think we've got red jerseys. 

Our IO team should rock; Nora is our goalie and we've got Peter and our friends Joe and Ben.  I don't think we have a ringer, so we'll probably get our asses handed to us, but hopefully we'll have fun doing it. 😉

So yes, lots of hockey this season. 

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