Campsite review: Balmorhea State Park (TX)

P O Box 15 
Toyahvale TX 79786 
(432) 375-2370

Date of visit: 
May 2008

It was very windy the night I stayed there, but even the locals were commenting about it so I don't think that's usual.

The weather was otherwise great; high 80s during the day and a low of about 55F.

Campground Condition:
* The campsites are very close together but on a Thursday night, the place was pretty empty.

* Each site has a fire pit, a charcoal grill, a water faucet, a concrete parking pad, and a sheltered concrete pad that has a picnic table. My neighbors pitched their tent on this concrete pad but I set up camp outside of the shelter area. 

* The bathrooms are in great shape, including a huge handicap-access bathroom that has a toilet, sink, and very clean shower all in one room. The "normal" showers are also OK but not as clean.

* I didn't notice any place to buy firewood, but I camped during a fire ban. Maybe the ranger station normally sells firewood.

What to do:
(copied from the below website)

"Along with motel-type accommodations, the park's main attraction is a large (77,053 sq. ft.) artesian spring pool that is open daily and fed by San Solomon Springs. The springs also fill a 'cienega' (desert wetland) and the canals of a refugium, home to endangered species of fish, assorted invertebrates, and turtles. The pool differs from most public pools in several respects: the 1 3/4-acre size, the 25-foot depth and the 72 to 76 degree constant temperature. It also has a variety of aquatic life in its clear waters. With a capacity of more than 3 1/2 million gallons, the pool has plenty of room for swimmers, while offering a unique setting for scuba and skin diving."

More info:…rks/balmorhea/

My photos:



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