Rainy commutes can be fun!

Well, OK, maybe not fun…but they don’t have to utterly suck, either.

I think I’ve finally gotten the most appropriate gear for me so that I arrive at work warm and dry. Hooray!

I have to pimp Nikwax Visor Proof.

The glorious Colleen gave me some to try during one of my visits and it works wonderfully. I have to apply it pretty regularly (once in the morning and once at lunch if I’m on an all-day rainy ride, otherwise maybe twice a week for commuting) but it’s not that expensive and only needs 2 sprays to cover the visor.

Not only does the Visor Proof keep the visor itself pretty clear, but it enables me to just turn my head a little and have the water bead off the sides. That keeps my gloves dry since I don’t need to use the squeegie on my finger to wipe the visor. Good stuff!

So, for those playing along at home, the gear is now:
* FirstGear Kilimanjaro jacket
* FirstGear HT overpants
* Daytona LadyStar boots
* Helimot Buffalo 365 gloves (though I’m thinking of getting the Aerostich Triple-Digit Rain Covers for downpours)

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