Happy (Belated) Winter Solstice

Steph told me a few days ago that I’d better update again soon as she is tired of looking at the PLB entry. Oops, my bad. December sort of got away from me there (who am I kidding? The entire 21st century has gotten away from me…I still think it’s June 1997).

Peter and I are still in Ohio at his family’s house and thus I haven’t been doing any riding. I did drive a car yesterday for the first time in two months, amusing all with my general confusion with the “reverse” gear.

The bikes did well for Christmas this year; Peter’s sister gave me a couple of books I’d asked for to help plan my cross-country trip next year. I also got California Desert Byways, which made me bounce about with joy and gave Peter the “crap, now what is she going to drag me on?” look.

My in-laws also got the XT225 a first-aid kit. Now all of my bikes have at least basic kits and I feel confident that I will be set for any and all eventualities that don’t include severed limbs or women suddenly going into labor.

Happy Kwanzakuhmas and I hope that everyone is staying nice and warm and cozy, unless you live in Australia, in which case you probably are having enough of “warm” by now.

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