R4 vs R1: 0-2

Last night was my first game playing center!

I’ve been playing defense for the past three seasons and generally really love it. I wanted to skate more, though, so I talked to our awesome captain (Andrea) and our awesome coach (Peter) about moving to a forward line.

Overall, I think I did OK. I spent a bit of time poring over the Wikipedia entry on center positioning and more or less understand it. DOING it is another thing, of course.

I was surprised to notice that my legs gave out before my lungs. Good news for the lungs (thank you, Cardio Coach) but disappointing from the muscular perspective. My hip flexors are killing me today, too. More fodder for my trainer.

All in all, a very positive experience. Can’t wait to have a few more games under my belt to assess how the legs are improving.

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