New Camelbak!

The Superhawk wasn’t the only death over the weekend — the water bladder of my tried-and-true Nalgene wannabe Camelbak knockoff finally ripped. šŸ™ I kept the backpack part and relegated the drinking tube to garage duty.

I happened to be at REI last night and found this awesome replacement for only $30:

I like the visibility/reflective bits since the Camelbak in general covers up the reflective bits on the back of my jacket. It’s a good size — 50 L — and is comfortable. Win!

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3 Responses to New Camelbak!

  1. Scott says:

    I keep debating a Camelbak. So far my reasoning for not picking one up is that if I’m truly in need of water it’s an excuse to pull over and take a rest. Maybe on trips involving multiple hundreds of miles it would make more sense.

  2. carolyn says:

    I love my Camelbak because I really drink a lot of water, probably around a gallon a day normally. I find that, even on short trips, not drinking enough makes my eyes tired and my joints/muscles hurt a lot sooner than they would otherwise. It’s funny; for me, it really does make that much of a difference.

  3. Bombauer says:

    Excellent reflective piping on that baby too!

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