An expensive day.

So yesterday, Peter followed the Beemer and I to Hare Racing so I could drop off the bike and the Mefo tires I’ve had sitting in the garage since the dawn of time.

No problem, $78 for mounting the tires and recycling the old ones, OK.

Hare calls me today.

“Um, yeah, um, Carolyn?”


“So, yeah, your bike is ready, but, um….the battery is dead. And you need a new rear sprocket.”

Oh. Well. I appear to have left the heated grips on when I dropped the bike off because I have the foresight of a spoon. No problem, they’ll stick the battery on a charger.

As for the rear sprocket, apparently my standard philosophy of Only Losers Lube The Chain has foiled me once again.

$120 later, I have a new steel sprocket set and new chain on order.

$150 later, I have a new Scottoiler on order. Someday I’ll learn to buy one of these along with every new bike and not wait until I go through the first sprocket set in 5000 miles.

An hour later, Hare calls back.

“Um, yeah, um, Carolyn?”


“So, yeah, your battery is toast. It won’t hold a charge.”

Whee! At least Cal BMW is down the street from Hare. I call Cal, who puts a battery on hold for me (charged already) for another $50.

So this afternoon, I get to go to Cal, pick up the battery, take the battery to Hare, put the battery in the bike, and then maybe take my bike home. And then take off the wheel again and put on a new chain and sprockets. Hopefully all before the San Simeon trip the weekend of April 20.

But at least the Beemer has new tires.

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