Me stop fast now.

I got pretty bored earlier this week while home from work with strep throat. Let me tell you how fun strep isn’t for a motorcyclist: you feel just fine other than that wicked sore throat, but you can’t go to work cuz you’re contagious and you can’t ride the motorcycle because the chinstrap hits your lymph nodes. What a lame illness.

So I replaced my brake lines.

Well, the front ones, anyway. I’ll probably do the rear this weekend, which is why I’m not posting the write-up yet: I want to include both front and rear. Suffice it to say that it’s a pretty easy modification, even for clumsy people like me. So I ended up smelling like brake fluid for two days. Some may find that appealing.

Anyhoo, today was my first day back at work; I rode the SVS. I’m pretty impressed with the stainless steel brake lines. I didn’t think I’d be able to tell the difference from the stock lines, but either my braking is crisper now or I’m delusional from the antibiotics. Fifty-fifty odds, really.

One interesting thing about swapping the lines is that I noticed the righthand reflector had broken off. I thought this odd — how’d the reflector come off without any other part of the bike being damaged? The fairing sticks out past the reflector! I happened to be pondering this while looking at our Death Valley pictures…and noticed the reflector was missing then, too. My goodness, I thought, I’m really unobservant if I didn’t notice that the reflector was missing for three weeks. You know where I’m going with this. You can see it. People, I went back and looked at more old pictures. That reflector has been missing from my motorcycle for five months. WTF? I am shamed.

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