Hrm, what to do today…

I was originally hoping to take the Serow out for a spin today — it’s in the 60s, sunny, and I have the whole day wide open.

So, of course, I got sick. And not just any sore throat; I had to go and get tonsillitis. Sigh.

I don’t feel all that sick, but I have to drink fluids constantly and I get sudden outbursts of pretty severe chills and headache. Not to mention the swollen glands and tender jawline…right where the helmet chinstrap goes. So riding, apparently, is right out.

I need to do something with the bikes, though. They’re lonely. Maybe I’ll wash them; they’re all grimy from the past few weeks of rain. I have the stainless steel brake lines to put on the SVS, but something tells me I may wish to be a little more mentally present before doing that. Hrm.

I think I’ll just go stand in the garage and wait for inspiration.


Later: Aww, she’s so pretty after a bath. 🙂



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