San Simeon, CA: June 27-29, 2002

In April 2002 or so, some of the California members of decided that we should plan a get-together. We picked San Simeon as a meeting place, as it was — er, more or less — halfway up the coast of California (in reality, we Northerners ended up with a shorter route). 25 pages of posts and planning later, the end of June finally arrived, and we all converged on the San Simeon Lodge for three days of riding, laughing, talking, and tire-kicking.

Since we all came from different places and took different routes, everyone ended up with a slightly different trip. Me, I took Highway 1 down the coast on Thursday all the way to San Simeon. On Friday, three of us decided on a shorter day and took a tour of the nearby Hearst Castle before exploring some local roads. Saturday, the Northerns sadly headed home, but the pain was lessened by the gorgeous roads through the inland ranch areas of central California.

Your cast of characters for this trip include, from Northern California: myself (“bluepoof”; SV650S), Steven (“redcliffs”; VFR750), Ted (“Taliskar”; GSX-R750), Terry (“Grizzelda”; FZR 600), Carl (“cws”; CBR 600), and Ed (“Goldylocks303”; YZF-600). Southern California was well represented by Dave (“Shizoku”; ZZ-R1200), Ken (“ksann”; rental VFR800), and Jordan (“Rogue_Biker”; Bandit 1200S). It was really a wonderful weekend; lots of wonderful riding and great new friends.


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