Water Dog Lake Park: Lake Road Trail

November 20, 2012

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This is a fantastic trail that’s suitable for either an Ergo or a BOB.  A non-off-road stroller could likely also do the walk, particularly in the dry season.

The trail is approximately 1.6 miles each way; it’s a there-and-back route, not a loop.  With an Ergo, one could make a loop with some of the other trails at the park, but they were too steep to use the BOB (they’re ostensibly mountain bike trails).

The Hallmark Drive start of Lake Road Trail:

Most of the trail is very similar to this: dirt, but wide and flat.

The canyon makes for neat trees and scenery:

Some sections are a little bit rocky (not noticeable at all with the BOB):

The intersection of Lake Road Trail and Berry Trail, which goes down to Water Dog Lake:

At Water Dog Lake (note the heron in the water!):

The end of Lake Road Trail near Lyall Road runs alongside condos:

At the Lyall Street gate, starting the walk back to Hallmark:

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