Basic Routine For Motorcyclists

Fret not, this really is a basic routine! Whether you’ve been lifting weights for years or have never once touched a dumbbell, the following exercises are guaranteed to help your motorcycling.

If you’re a newbie, go to Target and pick up a pair of dumbbells for under $10 — that’s honestly all you’ll need. Also, go peruse Krista’s site for an amazing amount of excellent — and hilarious! — weightlifting info (ostensibly for women, but applicable to everyone). If you obsessively research things, like I do,’s weight training page has great advice for people just starting out.

Holding that helmet up is hard work — for both riders and pillions! If you or your passenger is complaining about a stiff/sore neck after rides, dumbbell shrugs will quickly strengthen your neck and upper shoulders.

Shorties in particular will benefit from having buff biceps — it sure makes it easier to push that 500-lb motorcycle out of an inclined parking space. Bicep curls are really basic, but they work.

I probably don’t have to tell you about wrist pain: between an aggressive sportsbike posture, feathering the clutch in stop-and-go traffic, and covering the brake while that minivan cuts you off, it’s a miracle we can move our hands at all. Wrist curls and reverse wrist curls can make the difference between a commute and a miserable commute.

Sportsbike riders: your lower back will forever sing your praises if you strengthen up those abs to help it out. Everyone hates crunches, but sadly, they work. For variety, alternate with jackknife situps or V-ups.

My hips kept cramping up whenever I’d hang off in a turn. Now, I do iliotibial stretches every day, plus some tougher-than-they-look side lunges a few times per week. No more cramps!

Strong quadriceps grip the tank better; work them with the almighty squat and step-up. Balance out with some stiff-legged deadlifts for your soon-to-be-aching hamstrings. If shifting gives you calf pain, first adjust your shift lever, and then do some calf raises.

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