Fitness is an integral part of motorcycling. Being in shape helps your stamina on long rides, allows you to more easily flick your bike through corners, and keeps you alert and awake on the road.

Don’t just take my word for it, though. From Lee Park’s Total Control:

By getting yourself in shape…you can experience longer, safer, and more enjoyable rides for a moderate expenditure of time and effort. A happy by-product is that you will probably live a longer and healthier life because your heart will be less likely to give out early, and you will be better able to avoid the accidents that those riders impaired by fatigue, slow reflexes, and sub-par vision may not.

just starting out?

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  1. Eric H says:

    Hi Bluepoof.

    I thought I would write to you from this site, I think you have a better chance of noticing it than commenting to you on Youtube. Just wanted to ask if you ever thought of putting a camera in your helmet and making V-logs and posting them on Youtube. There are a lot of bikers that do and I think you would fit right in.
    I have been reading your adventures on here for over four years now. I learned a lot about first starting to ride a motorcycle from you. Also wanted to say that I love your photography. Always great pictures of the places you have traveled.
    I did subscribe to your Youtube page. I hope to see something from you in the future…


  2. carolyn says:

    Hi Eric! Oh my, I’m way too lazy to do video blogs. I barely have time to post-process and upload my photos, plus do the content on this site, and I love photography and writing. There’s no way I’d find the time to do video editing too. 🙂 But I’ll keep it in mind if I do wind up with time. 🙂

  3. lakhdar says:

    dear bluepoof.
    its a great honor to know that there is an outstanding motorcyclist girl like yourself . am from Algeria . and we don’t have any female motorcyclist in my boring country . because many stupid things like religion and tradition . and most of all the Arab women don’t know their potentials and what they could accomplish . sorry maybe am out of the topic . but i just want to tell you that you are an aspiration . i wish you give hope to every single female and even male like myself to be better .
    i like your pics very much by the way .
    take care bluepoof

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