my favorite picture from the clip-on write-up.
I just love this picture. It cracks me up. Nothing says "overkill" like a pipe wrench on a 8mm screw.


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September 22, 2001

the great clip-on swap write-up.
For those of you who aren't on the fifteen million other mailing lists that I've posted this to, the clip-on swap write-up is up now. I don't think it's the best write-up I've done; I was in a pretty big hurry to get it finished and uploaded, so it feels a little too "expository" for me. Maybe I'll go back and re-write parts of the text.

speaking of writing.
I'm writing an article for the Wind Dancers newletter again this month, which makes me pretty happy. I guess people liked the article I wrote last month, about the Gold Wing skills practice -- I'm glad for that, because I really enjoyed writing it. It's a nice feeling to write something "for real" (i.e. not for one's own web site) and have people enjoy it.

I realized that I never did link to that article I wrote last month, did I? Whoops. I'll go back and add the link to the entry in question, but in the meantime, here it is.

This month's article, assuming I get off my butt and write it in time, will be about bike ergonomics. I'm mentally assembling an outline for a large article on this topic, hopefully with interviews from doctors and dealers, but I figure I'll whip up a short 'n' sweet version for the newsletter. I figure it's unfortunately something I've gotten to know a bit about. :(

and speaking of ergonomics.
The new handlebars are definitely helping, but I'm distressed to note that my arms are still noticeably worse on the days I ride to work. I suppose it was silly of me to imagine that the problem would go away magically and instantaneously, but one always hopes, right? I'll admit that some of it is my fault -- I've ridden three times this week when I was only supposed to once -- but, y'know, it's hard to stay off of it now that I know the new bars are on, and that my arms are healing. Peter has a fit when I say things like that ("how're they going to keep healing if you keep riding, huh?"). Oh well.

Other than the absence of excrutiating pain, the most obvious difference to me while riding with the new bars is this odd feeling that I'm sitting on top of the motorcycle. This probably sounds strange. Before, with the low clip-ons, I was literally hugging the tank with my elbows, even in the "sitting up" position. I felt like I was surrounding the bike. Now, I can scootch further back on the seat, and I'm more in an upright position. It feels almost like I'm sitting on a moving chair or something. I'm trying to remember if the Nighthawk feels like that as well. It's very odd. I keep waiting to get used to it, but haven't yet.