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Redding, CA: July 4-7, 2001

My trip to Redding, CA, in July of 2001 is extremely memorable to me for many reasons. Not only was it my first solo trip, and my first overnight trip, but it was the first Women on Wheels event I'd been to. As WOW has become more and more important to me and my riding life, the fact that this ride made all that possible makes it very special to me.

The trip consisted of 857 miles in four days, though one of those days was at the rally and doesn't really count. :) I took Highway 1 up the Pacific Coast of California from Sunnyvale to Fortuna, and Highway 299 and 3 over to Redding. As I was running short on time for my return, I took the major highways running through the center of the state on the way home.


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