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What the hell is with the napkins?

Copied shamelessly from Dr. Gil's posting on ST.N.

" here's the story...

It's Saturday morning and EVERYONE (and here we're realistically talking about 30 to 40 fellow ST.Netters) are in the parking lots in Fortuna getting ready for their day's rides. It's taking FOREVER to get going...someone needs coffee (that would be me), someone's finishing breakfast, someone needs gas, etc. I decide that "someone" needs to take charge of this event (probably the caffeine speaking) and start my beloved Triumph and move into the "ready" position. I'm sensing that because I'm "local" that even though I have no experience being a "leader" that I should "show the way." I move to the parking lot entrance and discover a car coming down the problem, I hit the break, and unexpectedly the bike's front end slides out from under me, passes the point of no return and flops on its side. I step out from under it in time to see "amber waves of plastic" spew forth and gas rushing onto the street. I bent over and hit the kill switch and look to my fellow ST.Netters to help me get my baby back on its dice. Everyone grabs his or her cameras and flocks to the "photo-op!" Sigh. Finally a Knight-In-Shining-Armor (KISA), Shizoku, comes to my rescue and helps me right the bike, finds some duct tape and helps get the bike road-worthy again.

Subsequently, EVERY time I parked the bike during the WCR weekend I'd find that some evil-doer had placed napkins-of-death under my front wheel, at the Saturday night get together, at the Sunday morning breakfast...and then today to my work place...sigh So there you have's a pic"