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Metcalf Motorcycle Park: Trail 1

Trail 1 starts near the entrance to the Park. If you're standing facing the ranger building, there are two trail entrances to the right of the building and before Metcalf Road: the MX track and Trail 1.

A short time after entering Trail 1, there's a steep uphill section. When I took these pictures during a particularly dry February, it was high 1st gear/low 2nd gear material. I tended to stay to the left of the incline on this particular day.

Cresting the top of that incline brings you to a short straight section and then a fairly steep (but short) downhill that curves to the left slightly. There was nowhere to really photograph at the top of the hill, so here's the crest...

....and here's from the bottom, looking back at the downhill.

Now that you're down, where else to go but back up? You start out with a nice and easy uphill (that "One Way" sign cracks me up...though I suppose they're right, you don't want to turn right and fall down the cliff).

And once around the corner, you get a nice steady uphill whoops section. Get on the pegs and gas it up to the summit, where you're rewarded with a little picnic area to take a break.

The flat area here is also the entrance to the GP track. Standing on the picnic table bench gives a good view of the entrance to that fun little loop (just to the left of the brown sign).

But for now, let's leave the GP track alone and continue on with Trail 1. After the summit with the picnic benches is a very gradual downhill, veering off of which is the entrance to a difficult trail. We're definitely skipping past that one for now and staying on Trail 1.

At the end of Trail 1, you're rewarded with a nice smooth fast curvy section. This is definite 2nd gear for me, probably 3rd or above for anyone who actually knows what they're doing.

The hump straight ahead is the big jump at the MX track; you can usually see people getting air there.

In fact, kinda like this:

And then you round the corner and Trail 1 is over. There's a bumpy patch right before a big concrete ditch at the edge of the parking lot -- be careful if you're short and go to put a foot down just inside the lot. The ditch'll get you every time.

Peter exits Trail 1 and demonstrates Metcalf's rather obsessive philosophy with regards to signage.