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Calistoga, CA: May 26, 2001

This trip to Calistoga was pretty amazing for me. It was the first "real" trip I'd ever taken, as well as the first time I'd done any sort of ride with any other women. Kim, Cat, Jody, Tai, and I are all on the Short Biker's List, and decided to all get together to ride up to Calistoga and back on a Sunday afternoon.

It was a 280-mile day, which isn't too shabby for one's first real adventure! I learned that crossing the Golden Gate Bridge on a bike can be a real treat; hopefully next time I'll have my video camera along! There were many wonderful sights on this trip, and unfortunately, I couldn't capture most of them on film. But there's always next time. :) We took Highway 101 up to the North Bay, and then took 12/121 to Silverado Trail through Napa and into Calistoga. On the return trip, we took Highway 29 instead of Silverado Trail, and then followed Highway 680 down through the east bay.


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