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Installing a Turbo City windscreen on the XT225

what you'll need:
Time needed: About a half-hour

Not the best for offroading, but the windscreen should be good for riding the XT up to Seattle.

One caveat -- this installation would be way easier on a bike without bar risers. But since the white XT has risers, that's what you get in this write-up.

First off, if you DON'T have bar risers, remove the bottom triple clamp pinch bolt (10mm socket). If you DO have bar risers, like in this write-up, remove the top triple clamp pinch bolt (10mm socket).

On the same side of the bike, also remove the front handlebar bracket bolt (12mm socket on a stock bike).

On a bike without risers, this next part would be super trivial. Just take the windscreen mounting bracket and align it with the holes from the bolts you just removed. The tabs for the windscreen point outwards.

With the bar risers, you have to fight it a little bit to get the holes to line up properly. I wound up swapping out the triple clamp bolts with some longer bolts and doing the best I could. The angles aren't perfect, but I'm confident that it'll be OK in the long run.

When you re-insert the handlebar bolts, make sure that the cables aren't kinked and that everything is still routed properly. I found it easiest to install the windscreen mounting bracket over the choke mounting bracket and throttle cable guide, like so:

Now it's time to mount the windscreen.

Go find the plastic screws and nuts, rubber washers, and reinforced washers that came with the windscreen:

You're going to slide a reinforced washer onto a plastic screw (rubber side in) and then mount the windscreen to the mounting bracket, placing a rubber washer in between the mounting bracket and windscreen. Fasten the nut on the back of the windscreen.

Don't overtighten the screw/nut as they're designed to break off under too much pressure (to save the windscreen).

Here are some photos of the XT with the windscreen. It looks really tall, but I still look over the top of it when I'm sitting on the bike.

I'll update this page after I've had a chance to ride around a bit and see how it does!