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SW Motech Quick-Lock sideracks

what you'll need:
Time needed: A couple of hours. It took me about three, I'd say, but most of that was translating the instructions from the original German.

  • SW Motech Quick-Lock siderack kit
  • 5mm hex wrench
  • 6mm hex wrench
  • 8mm hex wrench
  • 10mm socket
  • 12mm socket
  • 13mm socket
  • open-ended 14mm wrench
  • #3 Philips head screwdriver

The downside to having the perfect motorcycle is that it needs to handle every kind of riding that I do: commuting, day trips, and touring. I want lots of storage space for long trips and a small amount for weekend vacations, but the bike still needs to be streamlined enough to lanesplit easily during my commute.

The answer: SW MoTech's Quick Lock sideracks (here's SW MoTech's site, but be forewarned that it's all in German). I bought them online from Riderhaus, along with a pair of Givi E360 sidebags, because I've had good luck with that store in the past.

mandatory shout-out.
Thanks so much to Linda, who helped me translate the original German instructions. I literally couldn't have done it without her.

Remove the passenger seat. Put away anything you've stored underneath the seat; you'll eventually need to get to the grab rail bolts, and you'll appreciate the extra wiggle room.

passenger pegs:

Use a 12mm socket to remove each passenger footrest's two bolts. You don't need to remove the exhaust bolt on the righthand passenger footrest.

Hold the footrest plate behind the passenger footrest and bolt the two pieces together using the shorter pair of 6mm hex bolts that came with the sideracks. Make sure that the hole is towards the rear of the motorcycle.

Repeat for the other side.

grab rail plates:

Use a 12mm socket to remove the bolts holding on the passenger grab rail. Place a spacer on top of the grab rail screw hole on one side, and balance the grab rail plate on top of it (quick lock hole facing out). Put the grab rail back on top and bolt them all together using the longer pair of 6mm bolts that came with the sideracks. Screw in the bolt just enough so that the pieces don't fall apart; that'll give you enough slack to assemble the other side in the same way. Once both sides are assembled, tighten down the bolts.

fender plate:

Remove your license plate. You'll see two #3 philips head screws; remove them, taking care not to lose the nuts on the other side of the fender.

Hold the fender plate behind the fender and bolt them together using the 5mm hex bolts and locknuts that came with the sideracks.

turn signal relocation:

To avoid confusion, do one turn signal's complete relocation before starting on the second.

Remove the nut that holds on the rear turn signal.

Tug the wire a little bit and peer into the rat's nest of wiring behind the taillight to find which connector the wire attaches to. Disconnect that connector and tug some more on the wire to pull it out. Once the wire's free, you can remove the turn signal.

Hold the turn signal bracket up to the fender where the turn signal was attached. The attachment point has a little notch in it that matches a little ledge on the bracket -- this'll help you line the bracket up correctly.

Once it's lined up, bolt the bracket to the fender using the 8mm bolts and locknuts that came with the sideracks.

Stick the turn signal wire through the remaining hole on the bracket. Hold the turn signal flush with the bracket and attach it using the original nut.

Run the wire under the plastic taillight lens. Pull it back up into the rat's nest of wiring and connect it.

Repeat with the other turn signal.

attaching the sideracks:

Hold the sideracks up to the bike -- the long leg points towards the front of the motorcycle.

Insert the six brass quick locks into the sideracks (three on each side). Use a 13mm socket to turn and lock the sideracks to the motorcycle.

adapting the sideracks for givi bags.

There are three holes on the top of each siderack. Hold a triangular lock pin up to one set; it bolts to the rack through the outer two holes with the kit's 10mm bolts and washers. Repeat with the other siderack.

There are two holes on the bottom of each siderack. Insert a counter sink screw into a guide sleeve and put it into one of the holes. Attach a locknut on the back side and tighten with a 10mm socket. Repeat for the second hole on that siderack, then repeat for the other siderack.

There are eight little rubber plugs. Put them in the four remaining holes on each siderack. They're sort of a pain to insert; using Armor All or some sort of lubrication helps tremendously.

attaching the givi bags.
Hold a Givi bags against one of the sideracks. Line up the guide sleeves on the rack the with the notches towards the bottom of the bag. Slide the bag down onto the guide sleeves.

Push the bag towards the siderack, lining up the rack's triangular lock pin with the slot on the bag. You'll hear it lock together when you've pushed it enough.

final look with the givi bags attached.

The bags themselves are really spacious -- I can fit my full-face Shoei helmet completely inside one.

final look with sideracks removed.