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installing intuitive frame sliders

what you'll need:
Time needed: about 20 minutes.
  • a pair of Intuitive frame sliders
  • 14mm socket
  • 6mm hex socket
  • drive extension for your ratchet
  • torque wrench

frame sliders

I'd been meaning to get some frame sliders for a while; they seemed like an easy, relatively low-cost way to prevent minor damage to the SVS fairings in case of a tipover. Fortunately, Peter pays attention to these sorts of things and got me a pair for my birthday.

Nothing, really. This is a pretty straightforward modification.

First, locate the right-hand engine mounting bolt for the rear cylinder -- this is where you'll put the right-hand frame slider. On the SVS, you'll find it right below the VIN plate.

right mounting bolt right mounting bolt

Using a 14mm socket and ratchet, remove the engine bolt. Next, install the right-hand frame slider. This is the longer slider of the two; to install it, you'll use the shorter bolt and thicker washer.

loosen right mounting bolt

Torque the bolt to 55 newton-meters (40 foot-pounds).

loosen right mounting bolt

The right side is done!

right frame slider

Now go to the left-hand side of the bike. The left-hand rear cylinder mounting bolt is found just below the fairing.

left mounting bolt left mounting bolt

The left-hand mounting bolt has a pinch bolt; use a 6mm hex socket to loosen it. Once that's loose, use the 14mm socket to remove the left-hand engine mounting bolt.

left pinch bolt remove left mounting bolt

Install the remaining frame slider. Again, you'll torque the bolt to 55 newton-meters (40 foot-pounds). Then, tighten the pinch bolt to 23 newton-meters (16.5 foot-pounds).

torque left mounting bolt torque left pinch bolt

That's it!

frame slider

You can see that the addition of the frame sliders doesn't really alter the overall appearance of the motorcycle. The sliders are asymmetric, but it's really not unattractive. Unless you're looking at them from directly behind, you can't really tell. At any rate, it looks better than scratched plastic!

left side done right side done rear view done