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Installing Moto-Sport pannier racks

what you'll need:
Time needed: About 45 minutes, including dealing with my existing Givi tailrack

I use my Givi E360 Delux luggage case for commuting but wanted saddlebags for touring. Since aluminum bags are what All The Cool Adventure Touring Kids Use, that's what I got. After a lot of research, I decided on Moto-Sport Baja Panniers.

While I don't want to keep the bags on for commuting, I did want to mount the brackets first.

First things first, you want to pop off the little plugs on the side covers. Maybe there's a trick to this, but I did it by prying the plug with a thin flathead screwdriver. It pops off pretty easily.

Remove the bolt underneath the plug using a 6mm hex wrench. Hang onto the bolt and washer, because you're going to use them later.

Take the spacer that came with the brackets and set it in the plug hole, tapered part down.

Now grab a bracket and one of the black hex head bolts. You're going to attach the bracket to the bike via the plug hole and spacer, like so. Tighten the bolt enough so that the bracket doesn't fall off, but don't tighten it all the way yet.

The rear mounting point attaches to the license plate mounting bracket. Use the bolt and washer that you saved from underneath the plastic plug; like the last bolt, don't tighten it all the way.

The front mounting point attaches underneath the wheel well, in front of the exhaust. Use the silver bolt, washer, and nut that came with the bracket.

Now that everything is lined up, go back and undo one bolt at a time and apply Loc-tite to the bolt, then tighten it all the way down. Trust me, never install a single bolt on this bike without Loc-tite on it!

The brackets look great on the F650GS! They're definitely thin enough to lanesplit with and I think they look punky and fun.

I haven't mounted the saddlebags onto the brackets yet, but I'll update this with photos when I do.