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RAM mounts

what i have:

why i bought 'em.
I originally bought my first RAM mounts after Peter got me a Garmin V GPS unit. I needed some way to mount it to the SVS, and I'd heard good things about RAM mounts on the Sport-Touring.Net message boards.

where i bought 'em.
I've bought all of my RAM mounts from GPS City, after they were recommended on ST.N. Their prices are good and they deliver quickly. Everything has arrived intact and the orders are always correct.

how i use 'em.
After some speculation, I decided to mount the U-bolt base on the righthand handlebar. This works on my bike, since I have the Hawk GT bars, but a similar setup may not work with the stock bars. Ceej, who has a SVS with stock bars, mounted her U-bolt around the neck of the lefthand mirror. I keep the U-bolt base attached to the motorcycle at all times.

It's very simple to use the mounts for the GPS unit. I installed the Garmin V into the plastic cradle, and used a twist tie to tie some of the extra power cord to a little hole on the plastic cradle (it got very disconcerting to have it flapping around in the breeze). I typically use the standard (3") double-socket arm for the GPS; one end attached to the ball on the plastic cradle, and the other end attaches to the ball on the U-bolt base. Since I only use the GPS on the bike, I just keep it in the cradle and attached to the double-socket arm all the time. That way, I just need to carry it to the garage and attach it to the U-bolt base, and I'm ready to go.

The long (5.25") double-socket arm and 1" ball with 1/4" thread are perfect for taking pictures while riding. If you look at the bottom of your camera or camcorder, chances are that there will be a little threaded hole. Thread the 1" ball into this hole, and then attach it to the double-socket arm. I use the longest double-socket arm for this so that the camera's viewfinder clears my windscreen and mirror.

what i think of 'em.
I've been very happy with the RAM mounts. I like the ball-and-socket setup, because it allows me to continually futz with the camera or GPS so that it's always at the correct angle. The double-socket arms are made of heavy-duty plastic and I feel confident that they won't snap at anything less than a fairly exciting crash.

The only warning that I give is to take care where you mount the steel U-bolt; make sure not to tighten it down over any wires or cables. The first time I put it on my handlebars, I accidentally tightened it over a wire from my heated grips, which promptly shorted out when I turned on the bike (tightening the U-bolt must have cut a tiny hole in the wire sheath). Fun!