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FirstGear Kilimanjaro jacket

I've really been happy with the Kilimanjaro. I bought the size up from what I'd really need (I'm 5'1", 110 lbs, and bought a Medium) so that I could fit layers underneath; this was a good call. I can happily fit a T-shirt, long-sleeved T-shirt, and heated vest underneath the jacket and still have most of my mobility. ;)

The water resistance that comes on the jacket is excellent. I never had a drop of water get through during my three-week trip to Alaska (including during a nice hailstorm). I washed the jacket after coming home and once I applied some Nikwax to it, it seems to be nearly as waterproof as it was before washing it. It's not *quite* as waterproof now, though, so if you can possibly avoid washing the jacket, I would.

That said, if you need to wash the jacket, it's machine-washable and is really easy to get the armor in/out. My old textile jacket required three rounds in the ring to get the armor back in, but the Kilimanjaro makes it really easy. Just make sure to wash it with Nikwax or some other waterproofing stuff to get the waterproofing back. I didn't remember that step until three months later, when I got caught in a downpour 300 miles from home. Ha ha.

I don't tend to wear my Kilimanjaro in warm weather, simply because it's way too big without the liner and without layers of clothes under it. We did hit some impossibly hot weather in Alaska though -- almost 100F -- and after removing the fleece liner and opening the vents, I don't think I was any more miserable than I would have been with any other jacket.

As an added bonus, remove the fleece liner and the Kilimanjaro works pretty darn well as a dual-sport jacket. It's a bit too warm for motocross (as I found out one warm April day at Metcalf...), but if you like casual dirt riding and don't want to spring for an entire second set of gear, the Kilimanjaro shell will work. I got up from three dirt crashes laughing, with only a small bruise on my elbow to show for it.

All in all, I think it's an excellent jacket. I've only had mine for a year, but that's about 15k miles, and it's holding up just fine. I would definitely recommend it. :)