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Aerostitch High Tech Cot

From Aerostich's website:
  • Supports up to 325 lbs.
  • 74" x 4.5" (set up)
  • 16" x 5" (packed)
  • 34 oz.

  • MSRP: $217 (USD)

Here's my cot set up:

Here's a photo of my cot in the tent (I'll get some better ones):

As you can see, the cot fits perfectly in my Sierra Designs Sirius 2 tent.

The cot is very easy to set up and break down; it takes me just a couple of minutes to go from "packed cot in the carrying bag" to "fully set up cot" (or vice versa).

When packed up, the cot is pretty compact. Aerostich's dimensions (16"x5") sound right. It easily fits into my dry bag along with my tent/poles/stakes and cookwear.

To set up the cot, just unroll everything and then snap the long poles together.

Insert the poles into the cot, being careful that the poles stay in the sheath and don't come out through the holes.

Assemble four bows by attaching a black pole with a gold pole and sliding one of the grey circles on each end.

With the remaining poles and circles, insert two poles into each circle. Make sure the circles are facing in opposite directions.

Insert the single-pole bows by stepping on the cot and hooking the plastic circles onto the pole that runs through the cot. Skip the holes by the colored dots; also skip the two inner holes for now.

Insert the double bows into the middles holes by twisting them so that the circles face the same direction. Insert as you did the other four.

All done:

The coldest weather I've camped in with this cot so far had an overnight low of 30F. The warmest so far has been an overnight low of around 70F. I got very cold the first night I camped with the cot; putting my riding gear underneath the cot overnight helped keep the cold air from circulating underneath me.

I also find that I still need a Thermarest mattress between the cot and my sleeping bag, especially in the cold. In my mind, this does NOT render the cot redundant or useless. Even with a LuxuryCamp (2.5") Thermarest, I still sleep much better with the cot + Thermarest combination, particularly when camping multiple nights in a row.