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Helimot Buffalo 365 glovest

Helimot now has their own line of gloves, the Buffalo 365. I got a pair just before my Alaska trip, with the intention of wearing my Held gloves daily and having the Helimot gloves as backup. After about three days, I was wearing the Helimot gloves exclusively. I haven't worn the Held gloves once since. They're really comfortable and work wonderfully in all kinds of weather (heat, cold, rain, hail). I haven't crash-tested them, but I was at Helimot when a racer came in to show his crash-tested pair to Helmut. This guy's gloves had gone down at 120mph on the track, and were still completely wearable. No damage to the racer's hands at all.

I was worried that these wouldn't work as winter gloves, just because they worked so well as summer gloves. I should know better than to doubt Helmut and the gang at Helimot -- these are true all-weather gloves. Of course, my fingertips still get chilly when it's < 50F out, but that's reasonable. With the heated grips, the Buffalo 365s are definitely good down to at least 40F (haven't tested anything colder, and I can't say I'm eager to, either). They work well in the rain, too -- the dye doesn't bleed all over, and they don't stay soaking wet and miserably stiff for hours afterwards.


  • Really comfy: no seams to bite into your hands
  • Kept a lot of rain out -- they're not waterproof, but my hands weren't cold and miserable in the hail/rainstorms
  • Broke in really well and now feel like I've had them for years (in a good way)

  • $$$
  • The palms are light beige (deerskin) and thus get dirty quickly -- though this is sort of cool because you can really see which part of your hand you use to grip the handlebars