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Jupiter's Travels: Four Years Around the World on a Triumph

Ted Simon

When the fuel reserve ran dry too, and the engine choked and died, I guessed I was ten or fifteen miles from Gaya. The thought was disagreeable. It might mean spending the night there, and somewhere I had read that Gaya was the dirtiest town in India.

I'm still in the middle of this book (sadly, page 140 out of 447), so I'll just give a quick impression of the book so far, and expand this review after I finish it. Simon is a very descriptive writer -- almost too descriptive at times, since I read a chapter or two right before bed and find myself getting lost (and almost confused) in all the details when I'm tired. That said, it's nice to read a book that requires some mental concentration, especially since Simon's adventures are fun to read and interesting; it seems a reward to read through the chapters. There are neat pictures (black and white) and maps that illustrate his stories. More later after I finish the book. :)

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A blurry picture of Ted Simon and me, November 2003.