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Flaming Iguanas: An Illustrated All-Girl Road Novel Thing

Erika Lopez

Magdalena and I are gonna cross America on two motorcycles. We're gonna be so fucking cool, mirrors and windows will break when we pass by. We'll have our own hardcore theme music that makes us throw our heads back and bite the sky, and women wearing pink foam curlers in passing RVs will desire us and we'll slowly turn to them at seventy-five miles an hour and mouth "hello" back. Bugs may stick to my burgundy lipstick, but I'll just spit them out and they'll look all the prettier for it.

This wonderful trip of a book captures 90% of what motorcycling means to me; not in a personal or concrete sense, but in the little concepts that float through my stream of consciousness when I daydream away from my monitor at work and think about biker chicks. The main character, Tomato Rodriguez, makes a spur-of-the-moment decision to ride a motorcycle across America, nevermind that she doesn't have one and has never, in fact, driven one before. She invites her neighbor along to make it real and force her to actually do it, and the rest, as they say, is history. Illustrated with rubber-stamp art and each chapter labelled in the author's erratic handwriting, the book is filled with one-liners that'll make you laugh and little nuggets of philosophy that'll make you think. I highly recommend it, especially for those spunky and independant women riders who make my day and kick all kinds of ass.

Buy it from Whitehorse Press