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Dee Gagnon

It was the day before Father's Day. My friends and I had already said our goodbyes, and this day has finally arrived. I lugged my stuff outside, and packed up my bike. My saddlebags contained raingear, tools, spare parts, chain lube and the like, on one side, and the other side was packed with camp related things, suck as my burner, nestling pots, a little bit of food, and other things I wouldn't need every single day.

I picked up this book at the AMA Motorcycle Museum over Christmas '00 in Pickerington, Ohio, and read it during my week there. Oddly, it's not listed at either White Horse Press or Amazon, but the copyright date is 2000, so it must just be really new. I'm such a trendsetter. Anyways, I really enjoyed reading this book. It's about a thirty-something woman who hops on her bike (an Interceptor, like Peter's!) and heads around the country for a hundred days. She has a loose itinerary, but nothing really concrete, and the map in the front of the book is next to impossible to follow, since she travels wherever she feels like that day as opposed to along a fixed route. Her writing style is casual and not "professional" (i.e. being a grammar nerd, I caught many mistakes that show that her writing is truly from within herself, for her own enjoyment, rather than merely to create a polished book for others). It was a welcome change. The pictures she includes are sharp and interesting and add a nice visual aid to the stories and people she talks about. All in all, a wonderful read, and a great, encouraging story for us women out there who plan to someday do something similar. :)

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Dee Gagnon and me, July 2001