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This has absolutely nothing to do with motorcycles, but I think these turned out really well, and, hey, it's my website.

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July 30, 2003

moni is subjected to biker scum on friday.
My friend Monica came out to California this past weekend; we've been friends since middle school, and she's still living back in Wisconsin. Jenny came over on Friday afternoon with her BMW R1200C, and we got Moni all geared up in a borrowed helmet (mine), a borrowed jacket (Jenny's) and borrowed boots (also Jenny's). Moni hopped on Jenny's pillion seat, and we went up Hwy 84 to Alice's for lunch.

After lunch (and the usual puttering around the parking lot), we took Skyline Blvd to the big vista point/parking area just before Page Mill. I was hoping that it'd be a clear day, but it ended up being fairly hazy (probably due to it being a workday), so I couldn't get the photos I was hoping for. Ah well. I took some of Moni and I looking sufficiently bug-like, at any rate.

Moni was a really good sport about the whole thing. Apparently Page Mill made her a bit nauseated -- I get the same way on that road in a car -- but she enjoyed Hwy 84 and Skyline.

moni is subjected to biker scum on saturday.
The main reason for our Friday lunch ride (well, besides just having a Friday lunch ride) was to see if Jenny and Moni were OK with going on the Wind Dancers End-of-Month Putt on Saturday morning. Both gave the thumbs-up, so Jenny came back over at 8:45am on Saturday and we all rode over to Fremont to meet up with the gals.

After the usual Starbucks-and-gossip part of the ride, we decided to head over to the coast. Since I was the only one with a FasTrak (automated bridge toll transponder), the rest of the gals opted to take the long way around the southern tip of the bay instead of the Dumbarton Bridge. We rode down and around and ended up back on Highway 84.

We stopped at Alice's once again, to stretch (the passenger seat on the R1200C is really tiny, so Moni wisely asked if we could make a stop on the way to the coast). I also took the opportunity to photograph a bunch of the members and their bikes -- I don't have many pics of Wind Dancers with the bikes they ride!

Jennifer has a Kawasaki Concours. She's a new member, recently imported from Missouri.

Laureen and Venus, her Road Star. Laureen's our current Chapter Director.

Kate and Kathleen show off Rover, Kate's BMW.

Jodie and her amazingly modified Virago. I think this bike will do laundry and cook dinner. Jodie's the chapter Sargent-at-Arms.

Gwen has me almost convinced that I need a CBR1000 Hurricane. She's my height and rides this bike like it's an extension of herself. Gwen's our chapter's Safety Maven.

Bunny's been a member for a little while, but I believe this was her first ride with the group.

Kathleen and her K75 BMW. She's the chapter "herstorian" since she's one of our founding members.

By the time that I took these pics, people were antsy to get going, so I didn't get pictures of the other members on the ride (Akili, Jenny, Lily, Genia, Claudia, and Michelle). I'm somewhat bummed about this. Next month!

Other random pictures from Alice's:

We hopped back onto west Hwy 84, towards the coast, then got onto northbound Hwy 1. It was another foggy day (doh!) but at least we could still see the cliffs and shoreline going into Half Moon Bay. We ended up eating lunch at Cameron's, a little English pub-like place with video games and great fish and chips. I'd only had beer and appetizers there before (not on a ride), so it was good to find out that their "real" food was also good. ;)

Moni wasn't really very excited about yet another curvy road to get home, so a bunch of us took Hwy 92 over the hill, which is wide, well-paved, and more or less mostly straightish.

There was more that I'd wanted to write, but this was unfortunately just a brain dump in the 20 minutes I'd had before a meeting. And now it's meeting time. I'll pick up the rest of the story later. :)